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“Competitive rates on non-conforming loans”
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Bad Credit?  “We fund Australia wide!” We Can Help You Get Finance:

  • If you can’t provide financials
  • You just started your new job
  • You recently started your new business
  • You have poor credit history
  • If you are buying an unusual security

  • You don’t have genuine savings
  • If you have a large tax debt to be paid out
  • Your income is apparently too low
  • You need to borrow 100% of the value of the security

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Loan Finance Declined?

Since the Global Financial Crisis, banks and mortgage insurance companies have become very selective on what type of application they will approve. PFG Mortgage Managers is a non-bank lender, with access to wholesale and retail funding lines, allowing us to approve the applications which are being declined by the banks.  We have been operating since 2003 and have over 300 broker groups sending us their applications because they are unable to obtain approval from their panel lenders. Here are some common questions:

  • Can PFG help if we have been bankrupt?
    Yes we can, providing you have equity or at least 15% deposit
  • We have not made mortgage payments for past 6months, we are going through a divorce and we were advised not to make the payments. Can you help us?
    Yes we can, providing you can show you got sufficient income to service the new repayment
  • We have defaults and court actions on our credit file. Can you help?
    Yes we understand – sometimes you experience difficulties, such as unemployment, health issues or cash flow difficulties. Providing we can pay them out at settlement and get a full understanding why this has occurred and not likely to reoccur, we can help you with the loan application.
  • We are self-employed, and don’t have recent tax returns. Can you help?
    Yes PFG has large range of low doc funding solutions to help you with your funding requirements
  • We don’t have genuine savings. Can you help?
    Yes We do have non genuine loans up to 95% LVR (low to value ratio)
  • Can you fund us if we owe tax debt?
    Yes Providing we can clear the ATO in full we can help
  • We are currently in Part IX. Can you help?
    Yes we can providing we can pay out your bankruptcy to bring you out of Part IX.
  • What loans do you not approve?
    If we cannot see a benefit to the client, by reducing their overall payments, or there is no long term benefit for the client, we will not be able to help. In addition, we cannot help if the security being offered is in poor condition or we are unable to locate recent (within 90 days) sales in the area. You must own or be purchasing a property for us to help with funding and we cannot assist with unsecured lending.

Why Choose Us?

....because we say 'YES' more often!

  • We have been operating for more than 11 years.
  • We won’t be beaten on rates!
  • Expect fast turn around times!
Case Studies

Company X had an overdraft facility of $1.7m due to recent court case. It affected the company’s profitability, and the bank was considering calling in the facility (which was secured over seven properties). Client was also subject to the bank’s quarterly review. PFG approved a new credit facility for $2.1m at a lower rate than the current bank overdraft facility with NO reviews – a set and forget facility. Security is now over 2 properties.

Due to health issues, clients were unable to continue operating the business. The business had outstanding debts including ATO debt. Their current lender was not willing to refinance and consolidate all the repayments. PFG approved the loan based solely on the wife’s income, consolidated all debts and reduced the monthly repayments down by $1500 per month!

I highly recommend Justin Brown and his team at PFG for their first class and dedicated service. I have referred them to my clients, with happy outcomes. PFG really go the extra mile!
Michael Kuzilny, Director - MK LAW

Justin at PFG has always provided excellent service and lending solutions for clients. He goes out of his way to ensure clients needs are satisfied. I can highly recommend Justin. You are welcome to contact me at Sondergaard Accountants 08 6313 1900 for any references or solutions.” “
Charles - Sondergaard Accountants

Our clients have found PFG to be excellent in obtaining loan approvals, especially low doc,
and clients with impaired credit.
P.G. Wormington & Associates - Chartered Accountants

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You have confidence dealing with PFG Mortgage Managers as we are full members of the MFAA , COSL, FBAA
Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia [ MFAA]1457
Finance Brokers Association of Australia [ FBAA]4497
Credit Ombudsman Scheme Limited [COSL] M0026193

Australian Credit Licence Number 464425- PFG Home Loans Pty Ltd T/A PFG Mortgage Managers